Real Estate website in Kobe

A new web project delivered!
I have just completed a new website for Real Estate a client in Japan.
As always this has been an existing job with few technical and communication challenge happily overcame.
The real Estate Industry is slowly recovering from the bubble in Japan and we see more and more opportunity...


Some Words ...

To me, the essence of our existence lies in our dreams!
I always try to have a positive attitude, we deeply need it, especially in troubled times.

Having an heritage of two rich cultures – from Cameroon, from France, I've learnt from my travelling experience that people must meet each other as much as possible in order to exchange.

It's the best way to enhance our understanding of other cultures and to foster insight that our diversity is a resource and our common needs are uniting. This is the first step for friendship and the foundation for the progress of humanity.



What my Clients Said?

“In my 25 years working in the IT and internet industry there are only 3 professionals who stand out head and shoulders above the rest - one of these people is Xavier. In my opinion he has a fantastic technical and IT strategic knowledge and a wonderful personality to go with it. Combined with a very high work ethic and creative brain he has been a huge source of inspiration for my business.”

Marc Changuion -